Alan Nakkash is a first-generation Iraqi-American artist based out of San Diego, CA. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from the University of California, Riverside in 2014. He has gone on to balance life as a freelance photographer, working for a ranging variety of clients and working on his own personal projects on the side.

He had his first solo show at Gym Standard in 2016 entitled “caaaaaaaars” that was a visual inventory of vintage cars and alluded to the car culture and aesthetic of Southern California. From there he has gone on to looking at how his photographs work in context with each other via the diptych in a project called “object/identity” that recontextualizes photographs and their inherent value of cultural, monetary, and psychological meanings embedded in places and things. He is currently working on an untitled series of photographs that focus on mundane and ridiculous moments that range from a hanging plant during a sunset to a mariachi player looking at his cell phone. 


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